Parenting Facilitation/Family Mediation

Parenting Facilitation is a court-ordered process for co-parents in high-conflict divorce situations who need assistance disengaging from their disputes with one another and refocusing on addressing the needs of their children. The idea behind Parenting Facilitation is to help keep divorced co-parents out of court by empowering them to solve their own issues.

Genevieve Clapp, author of Divorce & New Beginnings, said this about divorce and children:  “Perhaps one of the most startling discoveries of divorce research is the devastating repercussions that prolonged parental conflict can have on children.  Unfortunately, for many children, their parents’ conflict does not end with the divorce.”

Mary Jane’s duties as a Parenting Facilitator include helping co-parents to:

  • Identify disputed issues
  • Reduce misunderstandings
  • Clarify priorities
  • Explore possibilities for problem solving
  • Develop methods of collaboration in parenting
  • Understand and implement parenting plans
  • Comply with court orders regarding conservatorship
  • Settle disputes regarding parenting issues and reach a proposed joint resolution or statement of intent regarding those disputes.

Mediation is an informal, private process in which an impartial person facilitates communication between two parties in a conflict and strives to promote reconciliation, settlement, or understanding. Mediation is absent of any court reporters, any record of proceedings, and no rulings are made on the issues or the merits of the case.  Mediation proceedings are confidential unless the participating parties agree other-wise or as required by law.  The ultimate goal of mediation is to produce a Memorandum of Settlement between the participating parties in the settling of a pending dispute, with approval by the attorneys for each party.