Mary Jane offers adult individual therapy for relational/family issues and usually addresses child/adolescent issues related to the family with the parents only in couples counseling.  Other individual child/adolescent issues are usually referred to an appropriate specialist. She often uses cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques in adult individual counseling.  Research shows that cognitive-behavioral therapy is highly effective in treating issues such as anxiety, as well as other issues. By keeping a daily log of recurring thoughts that upset them, persons can learn to challenge unrealistic thoughts and replace them with more realistic ones based on facts.  Dr. David Burns, author of Feeling Good:  The New Mood Therapy  wrote “we feel the way we think”.  He identified common patterns of thinking which include such things as all or nothing thinking, over-generalization, or a negative mental filter.  Dr. Burns' website is

Another resource Mary Jane often uses in counseling is the work of Bill Ferguson, a former divorce attorney in Houston, who made the decision to change careers when he found himself trying to keep couples together instead of helping them to separate.  In his latest book, Get Your Power Back, he talks about a concept he calls 100/100.  This concept says if individuals will focus on their 100% negative contribution to the dynamic of their relationships (with their spouse, children, family members, friends, etc.) that two things will happen:

1.  They will not be focusing on the other person's contribution or blaming them or having tunnel vision on them, and  2.  They will have power...because they only have the power to change what they are doing and not what another person is doing.  Mary Jane believes that this is a powerful concept that is particularly helpful in individual counseling when the issue has to do with  a relationship with another person.  More information may be found about Bill Ferguson's work at